Phil Johnston, P.E.

  • Automotive Strategy Advisor
  • + Board Member

Prior to joining PAC, Phil was in working-executive roles at Mercedes Benz, Toyota, General Motors and BAIC-China. He has many years of international program planning, project management and launch experience while residing in China, Thailand, Canada and USA. This includes leadership roles in three Greenfield plant start-ups in three countries, in addition to supporting roles in other international Greenfield start-ups.

He has diverse expertise in Stamping, Body, Paint, Assembly, Maintenance, Facilities and Supply Base Optimization in both Manufacturing Engineering and Operations roles.

Phil has led PAC teams in a variety of projects, including a CKD Program Launch in South Asia, an Industrialization project in Southeast USA, a materials logistics program and an assembly operation efficiency and optimization study.

He is a certified Professional Engineer – Province of Ontario.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) - Mechanical Engineering | University of Waterloo

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