James Qian

  • Director | Globalization Programs

James has lived every moment of the tsunami of automotive sector development in China over the past two decades.  His amazing experience covers assignments with SAIC-GM-Wuling working on two major Assembly plant programs and a joint manufacturing program with MG Motors India. James takes the vast experience he has gained in the planning, construction, installation, try-out, validation and launch of manufacturing programs, and parlays that to benefit Asian manufacturers who plan to develop overseas operations outside of their home countries.

A product is different from one culture and region to another, and so should the design of a manufacturing solution. James blends client culture, interests and enterprise value into the design of an operation involving people, material, machinery, and products.  With native-level language skills in both Chinese and English, James is the first stop at PAC for international clients who require soft-landing support in the planning and execution of their programs across the globe.

In addition to working extensively in China and elsewhere, James has significant experience with Ford and General Motors programs as well.


  • MS in Industrial Engineering | Murray State University
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering | Beijing Institute of Technology

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